10 Things I wish I knew before I started drawing.

The title “10 Things I wish I knew before I started drawing” is kind of stupid, has not every kid drawn a thousand times? At least I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. Maybe the title should be 10 Things I wish I knew before I made the conscious decision to start drawing to become an artist. but that title would be too long. I really wish I had known many of these tips when I started drawing, and I really wish I had followed the other ones that I already knew. But as a stubborn youngster, you do as you wish.

Draw every day

If you want to become a really successful artist you really need to practice every day. But who has the time to practice every day you may ask? You may have school, homework, friends or work and family. There is no time to draw every day. But if your goal really is to become a successful artist you have to make time every day, at least 10 minutes or so. At least you can do this exercise I do almost every day it takes just a couple of minutes and it’s really helpful to improve your drawing skill.

Draw from real life.

When you start to draw you really want to draw stuff like anime manga My Little Ponies Steven Universe whatever but I really think you should draw from real life. To really improve the ability to transfer what you see to the paper is to draw from real life and you can draw anything you see, draw people, things in your office or in your room, like a stack of books or a pair of earphones. If you have a cat or a dog, Draw it when it sleeps. Draw your friend when he or she watches the television. In the process, you will learn about light and Shadow, color, proportions, and anatomy. This is really a good skill to master and you will have benefits from it the rest of your life. Then when you are going to do your own work you already have the basic skills.

Draw from references.

Many people have the misconception that to be a really good artist you have to draw everything from your head. this cannot be farther from the truth.  if you need to draw a certain pose you can go to Google images and search for it. Or maybe if your character holding a sword you search for an image on Google’s with a hand holding a sword to incorporate in your image. Just be aware to not copying everything the idea is to use just enough so you’re drawing or image will be for example anatomically correct or the hand holding the above-mentioned sword will look natural and not awkward. The next tip will discuss when and why it’s okay to copy a photo or another person’s work.

Its ok to copy but not plagiarize.

Is it okay to copy other people’s work? Yes, I think it’s okay to copy other people’s work as long as you do it for exercise. You may not copy other people’s work and claim it as yours, that’s plagiarizing and it is illegal. When you copy other people’s drawings, you learn from them. You learn how they move the pen. You learn small tricks and tips and how they do certain things.

Expensive supplies don’t make you a better artist.

Still, When I visit the art supply store or browsing the online favorite  Art Supply webshop I want to buy the most expensive pen or the most hyped pencils like the Blackwing 602 Pencil and I firmly believe that I’m able to create awesome, awesome artwork with it. but then I realized it’s just a pen or just a pencil and it’s just as good as the artist. But don’t buy too cheap either. There is much crap on the market. Buy something well-known or that you have used before and know that it’s good. I still use cheap ordinary art grade pencils and ordinary printing paper for simple sketches, doodles and when I’m just practicing stuff like drawing page after page with just hands or similar exercises.

In short, buy high-quality supplies at an affordable price.

Don’t avoid what you are bad at.

Do you always draw people standing with their hands behind their back? or do you always draw a person with long bangs covering one eye because you can’t make the other eye looking like the first? or maybe why does your person always standing below the edge of the paper? Then you have a problem. There will come a day when you are a badass artist and the client wants you to draw a commission for them to a large campaign that will pay you a lot of money.  The task is to draw a person holding a product in his hand. Now you no longer are able to draw you people with their hands behind their back anymore. What are you going to do?

If you always avoid those things you’re bad at, you never get better at them. start practicing those things you’re bad at maybe you have to draw page after page with only hands or pair of eyes.

Learning through books and videos without practice is useless.

If you’re reading a lot of books on how to draw and paint or watching YouTube movie after YouTube movie on how to draw this or that but never practice. You really have to practice, read your book and practice, and practice again, and again, and again, and finally you see the Improvement.  many people including myself watch something on YouTube and then try it one time and then whines about it when it’s not getting any good. It won’t any good because you have not practiced it.

How to create “My own style”.

many new artists are really obsessed about how to create your own style but if you’re trying too hard you’re not getting your own style you just copying someone else’s. so just keep on practicing and draw what you love and you will find your own style in time.

Just as an example many years ago, about 10 years ago or so, I and some friends had a drawing session together. Recently I found those drawings in a shoebox but we had not put our names on the drawings. Ne and my friends were about equally good at drawing at the time, but to me, it was quite obvious which drawings which were mine and I still sometimes think that I don’t have my own style.

Don’t forget color.

Don’t forget to practice coloring too. Use whatever medium you like, coloring pens, markers, watercolor, or whatever. If you don’t want to color your original then you can always scan it and print it. You can do a little cleanup of the picture in a digital paint program like photoshop or Krita. Or even inking the drawing in photoshop, Krita or whatever picture editing software you like. Now you can print and color as many copies you need, to feel that you are satisfied with the result. If you wait until your line art is perfect, to begin practice coloring then the line art quality won’t match the coloring quality.

Make good use of Art Block.

Art Block is when you do not know what to draw. It can be very frustrating to sit in front of your desk and wanting to draw but you don’t know what to draw. I don’t call it art block, I call it lack of inspiration. the reason for this state of mind could be many things, stress or lack of sleep. Don’t use this as an excuse for not drawing. You can use this time to do exercises and practice things you’re bad at. Do exercises from that artbook you bought but never did the exercises in. Or read a book that you know has inspired you in the past. Do some research on how a particular thing really looks and then do some studies of it. For example, do an image search on google for hoopoe or curta.